Is 2020 The Year Of The "Roller Coaster"?

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Posted by Liam Out Loud on

The IAAPA Expo this year has us believing 2020 will be the Year Of The "Roller Coaster". Wooden, Steel, Hyper, and Giga Coasters were are all on the menu from some of the top manufacturers.  You can visit the link above for a complete list of the activities and reveals.

Front and center at the expo was the crocodile inspired coaster car from Rocky Mountain Construction, designed for their Iron Gwazi project at Bush Gardens Tampa. This 206 foot tall 76 mph wood/steel roller coaster rebuild has the world biting its nails in anticipation. RMC is always on the cutting edge of roller coaster and track design. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is also getting a new coaster, a multi-launch type called Pantheon, in 2020.

Premiere Rides new coaster "Ice Breaker" starts with multiple launches, backwards air time hills, 90 foot peaks, and 100 degree angles! It will be SeaWorld Orlando's 6th roller coaster, and it looks like a top contender for the 2020 season. SeaWorld San Diego named its new dive coaster, Emperor, and revealed the new name at the Expo. GCI is building the Texas Stingray for 2020. A 55 mph 100 foot dropper, the park says will be the fastest and tallest wooden coaster in Texas.

Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras will boast the FIRST ROLLER COASTER AT SEA! This coaster named "BOLT" built by Maurer Rides will boast motorcycle shaped vehicles that allow the rider to control the speed around its track!  Who doesn't want to ride a roller coaster in the middle of the ocean?

Kings Island's Giga-Coaster "Orion" is nearing completion, and one of its train cars was on display. The Orion coaster is being built with 5321 feet of track, and a 300 foot drop that is 447 feet long. This will be Kings Island's biggest-longest-fastest steel coaster to date!

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